"Since starting Bou Cheshbon, my Tefillah hasn't been the same. It is a constant reminder of how I can improve. Thank you so much!"
Boruch.H., Flatbush, NY
"It is really a shame that people aren't aware of themselves. I started this out of curiosity, and it his literally changed my life. I truly hope that more people can take this upon themselves, it'll make your lives so much better!"
Avi A., Flatbush, NY
"I didn't always pray, let alone with a Minyan. Somebody told me about this, and I decided to give it a try. I have yet to miss a prayer, though still not always with a Minyan. Hopefully I will be able to attain that level next!"
Arsen H. Bensonhurst, NY
"A big Yasher Koach to you for making this! I always assumed that I did tons of Chessed, once I had to start writing the Chessed I did, I realized that some days I didn't! I made sure to never go to sleep without doing at least one Chessed, and that's thanks to Bou Cheshbon!"
Yonasan Dov G. Lakewood, NJ
"This is mamash a metziah! I always wanted to do Cheshbon Hanefesh, yet didn't know where to start. Thank you!"
Moshe Chaim S. Lakewood, NJ
"I saw the ad, and I wanted to get it. After using it for a week, I then ordered them for my whole Chabura. We all love it."
Chaim Tuvia H. Monsey, NY

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