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1. Brief introduction:

   FGB4-1 large-scale sewing machine for thick material adopts single needle and oscillating shuttle to form double threads lockstitch. It is used in aviation, railway, automobiles, ships and other sectors to stitch products such as tents, saddles, canvas, leather, plastics, oilcloth, felt etc.

2. Technical specifications:

Sewing speed: 800 needles/min

 Needle distance: 12mm

Presser lifting height: 14mm

Operating space: 200×420mm

Needle model: GV2(110---280#) (old 7×1 18---28#)

Sewing thread: wax thread 25/3-18/7 flax thread 2×7 nylon thread 2-24#

Machine head dimension: 736×270×590mm

Motor: 0.5kw, 380Vot, 50Hz

3.     Key features:

It adopts lift feed dog and alternative presser foot which can avoid relative moving between the upper and lower layers and produce a beautiful thread trace when used for sewing slippery, viscous and super-long products. The connecting rod thread-picking mechanism could increase the rotating speed of main shaft and reduce noise, so it can guarantee the quality of whole machine and prolong service life.  

4.     Operation and Maintenance

1)     The surface dust and anticorrosive oil should be removed before the machine is used. Drip several drops of oil into the operation and sliding section and run-in for a few minutes.

2)     When the machine is running, the upper wheel is turning counterclockwise (from the out side of the upper wheel)

3)     The size of needles and thickness of the thread should agree with the thickness and rigidity of the materials.

4)     Removing dust and lubricating operation should be no less than two times in every working unit.

5. Accessories:

Big operating knife: 1

Little operating knife: 1

Oil can: 1

Needles: 1 package

Winding machine: 1 set

Shuttle bobbin: 5 pieces  


6. Plane graph of complete machine


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